Dr. Dre and Nicole Young are embroiled in a contentious divorce that appears to grow increasingly more dramatic as the months drag on. Due to the legendary producer’s celebrity status, their personal business is being pulled into the public spotlight — and everyone seems to have an opinion.

But now, Three 6 Mafia member Crunchy Black is apologizing for calling Young a “bitch” during an interview with VladTV. When the topic was brought up, Crunchy’s first words were, “Fuck her,” but he quickly walked it back, noting Dre was a “mentor” to him. He also doled out some advice to women out there, saying they shouldn’t marry a wealthy man and expect to be rich after she decides to say “fuck him.”

Then the topic of Dre’s prenup agreement comes up and Crunchy says, “Dr. Dre said, ‘Bitch, I got you drunk and made you sign these papers [laughs]. Wait, let me go back one step because I did say ‘bitch’ and I don’t want to call Dr. Dre’s woman no ‘bitch’ or ‘baby mama’ or no wife no ‘bitch’ because I respect him way past that other bullshit. So let me rephrase that. He said, ‘Girl, I got you drunk and I got you to sign a prenup.’ She didn’t remember that.”

Dre scored a major victory in his $1 billion divorce earlier this month when a judge denied Young’s request for $1.5 million to pay for her every day needs, including security. The judge also refused to “accelerate” her request for $5 million to cover her lawyer fees.

More recently, TMZ reported Young wants to see the prenup she allegedly was pressured into signing prior to their marriage. On Tuesday (October 20), Young filed court docs demanding Dre “produce the original version of the ironclad prenup upon which he’s basing his whole divorce case.” She says Dre’s failure to produce the prenup goes against the law, which clearly states he must turn over all relevant financial, business and personal documents.

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Subsequently, she’s calling his refusal to share the information an “intentional abuse” of the divorce process. Young and Dre were married for 24 years despite what she calls Dre’s “rampant and repeated marital misconduct.” No further details on the alleged “misconduct” are available.

Young filed for divorce in June, citing “irreconcilable differences.”