As a Miami Heat fan, Rick Ross was in the wrong place on Sunday (October 11). The Maybach Music Group rapper decided to watch Game 6 of the 2020 NBA Finals at Dr. Dre‘s house, and saw his team crash out to the Los Angeles Lakers while surrounded by their fans. Rozay posted live updates on his Instagram Stories all night and reacted to the loss with pride.

“It’s still Heat gang,” he said. “Let’s hold our head high, next season we gon’ shine.”

Clearly buzzing from the night’s result, Dre responded saying, “Maybe next season, but right now, it’s the ‘Lake Show’ baby, Lakers.”

Top Dawg Entertainment CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith was also there for the game, who told Ross, “It’s over, it’s over, boy. Done deal.”

Former president of A&R Urban at Epic Records Breyon Prescott added, “You took a plane trip for nothing, but we glad you’re here baby.”

Rozay was feeling confident ahead of the game and looking forward to a night of basketball and good food at the N.W.A member’s home.

“I’m here live in LA,” he said. “Dr. Dre get the chef ready, I want that Branzino fish. I’ma have the Wingstop halftime. Bring it on, get your shit-talking ready. Snoop, you already know, that’s my brother … I love y’all n-ggas, but tonight it’s going down. We’re only one game away from being one game away.”

Ross later FaceTimed Snoop Dogg, who had nothing but respect for Ross being on his own with fans of the opposing team.

“You’re around a bunch of Lakers and you got your Miami shit on,” Snoop said. “You got a lot of heart, I give you that my n-gga.”

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When all was said and done, Rozay reflected on a successful season for Miami and the impact they made on the rest of the NBA.

“Listen in, all my real Miami fans let me tell you something, we had a wonderful season,” he said. “Let me know, Miami we in a wonderful space, because all the big boys wanna come to Miami. Next season, we good. Hold your head up.”

He added, “Y’all know we fucked up the whole East Coast, we bust up the whole East Coast n-gga without a true superstar. Yeah, Jimmy ‘Buckets’ is a star, without a true superstar and three rookies. THREE ROOKIES! Heat gang.”

Despite his team coming up short, Ross still gifted everyone with Black Bottle Boys jackets in collaboration with his sparkling wine brand, Luc Belaire.

“Got some HEAT ON THE WAY,” he wrote under a photo with Dre.