Travis Scott is continuing a busy year by dropping new music later this week. On Monday (September 21), the Houston rapper announced that his new single “Franchise” will be released on Friday (September 25).

“FRANCHISE !!!! FRIDAY,” Travis tweeted alongside a link to pre-order the song.

Travis initially launched pre-orders for the track last week, but no information was available about its release date. The cover for “Franchise” was designed by New York City-based visual artist George Condo, who is responsible for Kanye West‘s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album cover and all of the art inside the booklet.

“I’m been up stairs cheifing them tunes!” Travis added. “Condo Been downstairs painting with da wine on tilt.”

Considering Condo provided the art for “POWER,” the first single from Kanye’s 2010 album, it’s possible he could also be working on Travis’ upcoming project — especially given the fact they’re working in the same building.

Condo previously talked to Hypebeast about what it was like to work with Kanye West on his critically acclaimed fifth album.

“He demands perfection from his crew and I’m very much into this perfectionist thing,” he said. “So, we hit it off really well. We both complained about everyone and how we were the only ones that know what we’re doing in our own sphere of whatever it is that we’re working on. It was really easy to work with a guy like that.”

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He continued, “It was a pretty long process, starting with Kanye creating his lyrics and with me creating my paintings. We would constantly go back and forth to decide on which one to use. It’s funny because we decided on the very first painting that I ever made and then he wanted to release one for “Power” so I reference some sort Macbeth-like tragedy where the gruesome ending is in the first act.”

“Franchise” will be La Flame’s first release since “The Plan,” his single for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet movie, in August. The song is available to purchase on CD, cassette or digitally over at Travis’ website.

Revisit “The Plan” below.