Kanye West is feeling some regret after being called out by one of his favorite rappers ever in Ma$e about a line from 2010’s “Devil In A New Dress.” Kanye came up just short of delivering an apology to the ex-Bad Boy star on Monday (September 21).

“Ma$e is right about that line,” he begins. “I always felt funny about that line … Ma$e is one of my favorite rappers and I based a lot of my flows off of him … I’m the king of ‘ooh can I get away with this bars’ so I reap what I sow when the next generation does the same to me.”

The line he’s obviously referring to is when Kanye rhymes, “Don’t leave while you’re hot, that’s how Ma$e screwed up.” Ma$e left the music industry in 1999 to answer a “calling to god” and became a minister. He later returned in 2004.

Ma$e questioned Kanye’s crusade to change the music business in a Friday (September 18) Instagram post, where he essentially calls Kanye a hypocrite.

Kanye West's Favorite Rapper — Former Bad Boy Star Ma$e — Is Now Demanding An Apology Of His Own

“#kanyewest much of what you are feeling has been expressed before,” he wrote. “But when I was saying it, the same system and mindset that you are fighting against today, used you to shame me for leaving the very same system! #Remember, your famous line “Don’t leave when you hot [that’s how Mase screwed up]”? I know today you may see it very differently so… You owe me (and my family) a public #apology and then some, if anyone owes you one. For alluding to the fact that me following God at the height of my career was a bad decision.”

The subliminal shots Kanye is most likely referring to are pointing the finger at Drake, who sniped Kanye on “SICKO MODE,” as well as multiple songs on his 2018 effort Scorpion, and J. Cole targeting him on “False Prophets” and potentially “Middle Child.”

Kanye laid out his eight-step guidelines for future music contracts over the weekend (September 20). During his Twitter tirade, he called on artists to use this as a chance to unify.