It looks like Mark Zuckerberg did not accept Boosie Badazz‘s $100,000 offering to reinstate his Instagram page.

Instead, Boosie announced in a tweet Friday (September 11) he’d created an entirely new Instagram – though the bio notes it’s only a temporary fix. Operating under the handle @boosienewig, a quick scroll appears to hint at the “Wipe Me Down” rapper has taken over taking over a team member’s page for the time being.

The Louisiana native’s original account was unceremoniously banned in August, much to his dismay. He immediately moved his antics over to Twitter where he made an unanswered plea to Zuckerberg for its reinstatement.

“This is how I feed my family,” he said in a video. “We ain’t making no show money Mark Zuckerburger, none of the rappers. I need my Instagram back! Mark, I need my Instagram back. Mark Zuckerburger. I told everybody, ‘Call Mark Zuckerburger. At him right now. Tell him call my sister. We need to talk.’ I need my Instagram! I got people’s money I gotta post.”

He later learned it was due to posting “sexual content” and made a vow to clean up his act.

Boosie Badazz Offers Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg $100K To Restore His Instagram

“Mark Zuckerberger, I need to get back on Instagram,” he said in another clip. “I just got an email they said I had some sexual content. Playa, if I fucked up, I fucked up. My bad! If it popped off, it wasn’t my fault, but I’ma take my lick. They just sent me a thang for me to take a picture with and my Instagram still ain’t back on.”

Weeks later after making no further progress, Boosie offered “Zuck” a cool $100,000 to get @officialboosieig … but clearly, that proposal was also a dud.

In the meantime, check out a few of his latest antics on @boosienewig below.