Lil Yachty had quite the birthday celebration thanks to his Quality Control brethren.

The Atlanta artist hit his Jordan and golden year on Sunday (August 23) and celebrated with a group of friends that included QC’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas — who likely brought the best gift of the night.

“I love you bruh,” Yachty said in an Instagram video as he took in his new Ferrari F8 Tributo (which start around $275,000).

Lil Baby had to hold his homie down too and copped Lil Boat a brand new 4PF chain.

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“This nigga @lilbaby_1 use to wear my chains when he first started rappin, now he buyin me one,” Yachty said with a video of the new ice. “Wow I’m proud of u bro, I appreciate this too. #realistnigga #chainnotfromwalmart #yesbitchim4pftoo.”

The new wheels will certainly be appreciated after Yachty totaled his 2020 Ferrari 488 in June. The Lil Boat 3 rapper was driving in Atlanta when he hydroplaned on a wet road, causing him to slam into the left median concrete wall and spin across seven lanes of traffic before hitting the right wall and eventually coming to a stop.

Luckily, Yachty only sustained minor injuries to his arm, though it was a wrap for the $330,000 car.