Young M.A is the host of a new Apple Music show called Me Always Radio. For the inaugural episode, she spoke with the rap god himself Eminem and received some unexpected praise during the interview call. M.A, who appeared on the Music To Be Murdered By track “Unaccommodating,” kicked off the interview by thanking him for the opportunity to be on his 11th studio album.

In turn, Em said, “Thank you for doing it, too. Yo, the EP is crazy.” M.A replied, “Yeah, I also saw that interview with you when you was going back over the lyrics and a couple joints went over your head.” But Shady was ready to talk about M.A’s Red Flu EP, which dropped in May.

“On the new one, you got so many lines,” he said. “I’m on my third listen through and I’m still catching shit — like, ‘Oh!’ I was telling KXNG Crook this in an interview, I was talking about, you know, there’s an art to this shit we do.

“When you get your punchlines, however your writing process is, you can always tell somebody who has studied the game and who is a student of it — I told you this the first time we talked — you make your punchlines, there’s no setup or like your setups don’t sound like setups. They sound like punchline after punchline after punchline. That requires a lot of skill and a lot of thought. Your dedication to the craft is unbelievable.”

M.A goes on to lament the fact nobody is really paying attention to the lyrics anymore and notes so many of her lines are missed because some rap fans are basically too lazy to dissect them. But Em can’t stop praising her and jumps in with a comment about M.A’s September 2019 Funkmaster Flex freestyle. 

“Like your Flex Freestyle when you was just like, you was just talking and killing it,” Em says. “I was like, ‘God damn!’ I’m so happy for you and all the moves you’re making and the output that you’ve been doing lately is like incredible. The work ethic … yeah, man. I’m a fan and I’m gonna stay a fan. your work output — don’t stop. Every time you drop something, I feel like people put you higher and higher on that list. That’s a beautiful thing.”

Young M.A Shares 'Red Flu' EP Stream

She responds, “I’m trying to stay in this game forever. To me, anything that come fast don’t last, you know what I mean? I’m playing the game by the ropes. I’m watching, I’m observing, I’m paying attention to what’s next, what’s the next move, and I jump right in. That’s how I play it.

“And I studied the game, studied you. I done watched you. I seen the whole Shady movement. That was crazy! That’s something I grew up on and what motivated me and inspired me to be who I am today. You definitely put input in that, so I appreciate you.”

Me Always Radio debuted on Tuesday night (August 18). Check out the promo below.