Doja Cat is seemingly unmoved by Nas‘ sending shots in her direction.

The “Say So” artist began trending on Twitter Friday (August 14) after Nas referenced her on “Ultra Black,” the lead single from his forthcoming album, King’s Disease.

“Sometimes I’m over-black, even my clothes are black,” he raps in the first verse. “Cash Money with the white tee and the soldier rag/We goin’ ultra black, unapologetically black/The opposite of Doja Cat, Michael Blackson black.”

Not one to let anything pass, Doja responded to the diss on TikTok, in all sarcastic splendor.

“I’m so offended and upset by this song,” Doja says in the video with “Ultra Black” playing in the background. “Have you guys heard ‘Fruit Salad’ by The Wiggles?”

Nas’ dig at Doja comes after videos surfaced of her allegedly in racist chatrooms as well as another video for a song titled “Dindu Nuffin.” The phrase is considered to be a racial slur commonly used by the alt-right community to denounce Black victims of police brutality who claim to be innocent.

Nas Unapologetically Disses Doja Cat On 'Ultra Black" Single

Following an apology in June, Doja has continued to be herself on social media, even if a large chunk of people who were celebrating “Say So” were also celebrating her fall from grace. In July, she mentioned how she had a brief battle with COVID-19 months after initially mocking people for being afraid of it and calling it “a flu.”

“I stay home, I got COVID … honestly, I don’t know how this happens, but I guess I ordered something off of Postmates and I don’t know how I got it but I got it,” Doja told Capital XTRA’s Yinka and Shayna Marie in an interview. “I’m OK now, it was a 4-day symptom freak out but I’m fine now.”

Listen to “Ultra” Black” from Nas below.