YoungBoy Never Broke Again made headlines in June when it appeared two different women gave birth to his children in the same week. However, one of the women has since clarified she’d lost their child and instead was showing photos of her brother’s newborn.

In a series of posts on her Instagram Story on Friday (July 31), YoungBoy’s ex Kaylyn opened up about the tragic ordeal to her followers. While apologizing for deceiving people, Kaylyn promised to take the much-needed time to heal.

“Hey so even though it’s no one’s business…” she began. “People might hate me, stop supporting me or anything of the sort… I lost my child. It’s been something I can’t accept at all. I’ve never faked a pregnancy or anything of that sort, but it’s no need to continuously carry that weight on me. I’m sorry to those who were led astray or confused about anything. Thank you. I’m really sorry. I’m taking the time to work on myself.”

On June 18, both Kaylyn and another young woman who previously dated the 38 Baby 2 rapper took to social media to announce the arrival of the babies. Weeks later, however, YoungBoy went on Instagram Live to say he only had one daughter, leading many to question the paternity of Kaylyn’s child.

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“Aye look, I got four little boys, right?” he said on his Live. “Matter fact one of they birthday today. I got four little boys and I got one daughter; her name is Armani. I got one daughter on the way, though. I got one daughter that was born. Y’all gotta stop that weird shit.”