Jay Electronica isn’t one for holding his tongue. The MC has frequently spoken out in defense of the Nation of Islam and The Honorable Louis Farrakhan and following Rabbi Abraham Cooper’s discussion with Nick Cannon on Cannon’s Cannon Class podcast, Jay Elec says Cooper “lied” about “the history of the Caucasian race.”

“Rabbi Abraham Cooper is a COWARD who LIED to our brother Nick Canon (sic) about the history of the caucasian race,” Jay Elec tweeted on Saturday (July 25). “Ask him does he stand behind the VILE TEACHINGS of the Talmud? Don’t be a coward next time Cooper you DEVIL.”

He added in follow-up tweets, “Sit down w The Hon. Louis Farrakhan or The Exec Council of the NOI and defend your claims and prove us wrong. WE are INDEED THE TRUE Children of Israel. And you are an imposter and birthright stealer as described in the scriptures. The ADL, THE WEISENALL CENTER… BRING EM OUT.

We DEFY you to challenge us on these claims publicly. You LYING antisemites.”

Following his firing by ViacomCBS for making anti-semitic comments on his Cannon’s Class podcast, Cannon invited Cooper, the associate dean and director of Global Social Action Agenda at the Simon Wiesenthal Center to have a discussion.

Cooper revealed to Black Enterprise that he warned Cannon about apologizing for making anti-semitic comments.

“We forewarned him. I think he understood that whatever he was going to say, that it would go sideways,” he said. “That is the culture that about a million people around the world, most of the younger generations, have embraced.” He added, “the price tag for that is you almost never have time to reflect, to take a deep breath.”

Jay Electronica Responds To Peter Rosenberg Being Offended By 'Synagogue Of Satan' Lyric

Jay Elec recently sparred with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg after the New Orleans MC rapped about the “synagogue of Satan” on A Written Testimony‘s “Ghost Of Soulja Slim.” It wasn’t the first time he used the term in reference to the New Testament. Back in 2014 on “Better In Tune With The Infinite” he rapped, “My feet might fail me, my heart might ail me/The synagogues of Satan might accuse or jail me.”

Rosenberg wasn’t feeling the line and took offense.

“As a Jew it puts me in a bad position,” Rosenberg wrote. “I can ignore the fact I instantly felt a pang of discomfort and offense and basically sell out my culture or I can be accused of being the “Jewish media” hating on this man. But it’s how I felt. The line offended me.”