Peter Rosenberg’s tweets about Jay Electronica’s “synagogue of satan” lyric didn’t go unnoticed by the elusive MC. After the Hot 97 host noted he was offended by lines from Jay Elec’s A Written Testimony track “Ghost Of Soulja Slim” and 2014’s “Better In Tune With The Infinite,” the man who penned those rhymes responded via Twitter.

Although some of the posts have been deleted, Jay defended his words and took issue with Rosenberg’s criticism.

“We sat down in an interview before and talked about my stance in these matters and it’s there for anyone to go pull up,” he wrote in one since-deleted tweet. “we’re you offended then? then you quoted better in tune w the infinite which was released in 2014.”

Peter Rosenberg Says Jay Electronica's 'Synagogues Of Satan' Lyrics Made Him 'Offended'

Jay wrote in another since-deleted post, “so what #AWrittenTestimony made you go back and listen to BITWTI and you were retro offended? if you have a problem w the term Synagouge of Satan, don’t take it up w me, take it up w the writers of the New Testament. Don’t play w me Peter, i ain’t the one. and you know this.”

Some of Jay’s responses to Rosenberg didn’t get the tweet-and-delete treatment. In one, he said he stood by all of his raps on A Written Testimony.

“clout chasing us at an all time high,” he noted. “and for the record. I stand on every single word i said on this album. #AWrittenTestimony #ISaidWhatISaid.”

Jay closed out his reactions to Rosenberg by declaring he’d discuss the matter in a public forum if necessary.

“and btw, @Rosenbergradio if you REALLY wanna get into it, we are willing to hold a discussion in a PUBLIC FORUM on The Synagogue of Satan and it’s meaning with any Scholars of Theology you would like to bring,” he wrote. “until then. STFU”

Rosenberg was open to the idea.

“I have a public forum everyday if you ever want to talk — feel free,” he fired back. “I am not the only good, supportive, hip hop loving person who was taken aback by some of these bars…happy to discuss it any time ..”

Listen to the tracks that sparked the Twitter back-and-forth below.