Joe Budden has made it abundantly clear he’s not a Logic fan. Shortly after Bobby Tarantino announced his next album No Pressure would be his last, the dogmatic podcast host said he “should’ve retired a long time ago.”

But evidently, R.A. The Rugged Man doesn’t see it that way. In fact, he took some time on Thursday (July 23) to break down what makes Logic, in fact, better than Budden. In a detailed Twitter post, the All My Heroes Are Dead MC claimed Logic had “better albums” and higher quality stage shows.

“Album for album Logic wins,” he wrote. “Joe isn’t known for high quality albums. Live shows. (Let Joe do a stadium concert and let Logic do a stadium concert and Joe gets bodied. Not even close.) Rap Bars (Joe wins this one. Joe is higher tier bar for bar than Logic.

“In a bar fight I’d roll up with Budden before Logic.) Flow and Delivery (Logic has a more precise voice and flow, Logic bounces on beats nicely with various styles, it’s a much more universal flow, and far more musically pleasing to the ear. Buddens flow is more Regional.”

R.A. continued with the beat selection portion, writing, “(Logic beats, production and mixes are higher quality than Joe.) Originality (Joe wins. Joe has a very distinct personality and it comes through in his rhymes.).”

Finally, the unapologetically New York rapper determined, “Better all around artist: Logic (Winner).” He added a bonus round, too: “Wu-Tang (Joe disrespected them. Logic did records with them).”

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But, Twitter did what it does and proceeded to go in on R.A. for handing the crown to Logic. Reactions ranged from calling him “mad corny” to declaring his argument was cap.

In all fairness, Budden’s days as an MC are far behind him these days and it looks like Logic’s days are numbered, too. Meanwhile, R.A. dropped the aforementioned All My Heroes Are Dead album in April, which featured Chuck D, Slug of Atmosphere, Ice-T, A-F-R-O and many, many, many more.

Nevertheless, check out some of the reactions below.