Rapper Dela Wesst accused Cardi B of stealing lyrics and faced the multi-platinum selling artist’s wrath on Twitter over the allegations. After Wesst claimed Cardi’s verse on Offset’s 2019 single “Clout” plagiarized a “Thotiana” freestyle, the Grammy Award winner went on a lengthy rant to defend herself.

Cardi took aim at Wesst following a tweet that read, “@iamcardib BE BOUT IT, BABY. You mean to tell me you just CONFIRMED you are 100% aware of the stealing of my lyrics, BUT THEN GON STILL FIND A WAY TO EVADE THE SUBJECT?! KNOT today, Satan. #DelaWesst #TheOGCopy.”

In response, Cardi slammed the up-and-coming rapper and pointed out how she didn’t steal West’s lyrics for the “Clout” verse.

“First of all you weird ass bitch u been trying me for hot minute,” she wrote. “You really cross the line when u stalkin my fans page and put this shit on a pic of me & my kid .SO YES THATS I’m bringing my kid.”

Cardi added, “Second of all you dumb bitch you ranting for day cause you claim I stole lyrics from you on clout .I WROTE THIS SONG IN JANUARRYYY ! You show me you did your clout song in January bitch you might have a chance.I rhyme clout with Oscar the grouch bitch is not farfech it RHYMES!”

The tirade continued as Cardi also cited the timeline of her guest spot on Blueface’s “Thotiana” remix in 2019 and told Wesst to “stop chasing clout.”

“Then you claim I stole thotiana from you when you put your freestyle one day after WACK ANNOUNCE I’m on the remix of a song,” she wrote. “I been record it that I WROTE and RECORD IT infront of blue face & Wack.”

Cardi warned, “Sooooo stop WITH YOUR SHIT .Never Hurd about you b4 you started using my name for tic too .Stop chasing clout and chase a bag and a dentist like I DID SIS!”

But Wesst didn’t back down amid the blowback. Instead, she dug in her heels and stuck to her accusations.

“Starting a record in January does not mean you finished that record in January,” she declared. “I clearly wrote this the day before you debuted it the internet. I didn’t hear the section of the song THAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT. I am also not hearing by any ‘CLOUTS’ in the verse. #DelaWesst.”

Cardi fired back, “jUsT cAUsE yOu sTArTED the song iN jAnUARy don’t mean you finished it THEN WTF IS THIS THEN BITCH ! Sit down you weirdo clown .Talkin about you coulda dm me BITCH did you dm b4 you did like ten videos of me poppin shit? Or them 30 tweets about me talkin shit?”

Wesst wasn’t done though, arguing she hadn’t been proven wrong.

“You clearly were LISTENING TO RESPOND & not LISTENING TO COMPREHEND,” she told Cardi. “The lyrics from CLOUT are almost IDENTICAL to my lyrics in Thotiana. So, you genuinely proved nothing to me. #TheOGCopy #DelaWesst.”

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Yet Cardi wasn’t having it, throwing one last shot at Wesst via social media.

“You posted your lyrics on the other post it said February 6 my lyrics are from January 9th,” the Atlantic Records rapper noted. “Goodbye sweety your DISTURB.Clout chase from somebody else.CLOWN now go do a video about THAT!”

Cardi capped off her diatribe by letting fans know she was done engaging with people online for a few days.

“That was fun!” she concluded. “I’m getting off the internet for a couple days see ya when I see yaaa …..BYEEEETAAAAAAAA.”

Cardi hasn’t released an album since 2018’s Invasion Of Privacy. In May, she promised a new single was coming soon.