Polo G reacted to social media claims about him supposedly selling his soul in a TikToK clip on Tuesday (June 23). The Columbia Records artist wondered aloud about the conspiracy theory and scoffed at people willing to believe it.

“I just wanna know why people wanna say that I sold my soul,” Polo said in the video. “Like where the fuck? Like I watch my son and go to the studio — where the fuck would I find time to do some shit like that? Where the fuck would I find time to do some shit? ‘Oh the goat and goat horns, it signifies the Baphomet.’ Half y’all ass wouldn’t even know how to fucking spell Baphomet if it wasn’t for autocorrect, you stupid bitch.”

In the post’s caption, he added, “I mean ig that mean I really made it when they say shit like that.”

@pologofficial??I mean ig that mean I really made it when they say shit like that?♬ original sound – pologofficial

Accusations about Polo selling his soul or worshipping the devil center around the goat horns on The GOAT album’s cover art and his purchase of a chain featuring a goat head pendant. Conspiracy theorists point to these examples as “evidence” of him embracing the satanic goat monster Baphomet.

The wild claims conveniently ignore how the acronym GOAT famously stands for “Greatest Of All Time,” especially in Hip Hop. Also, Polo previously said his use of goat imagery was a reference to the Capricorn zodiac sign.

Review: Polo G Inches Towards His Claims With 'THE GOAT' Album

“I knew it would get a lot of controversy,” Polo told Complex when asked about naming his sophomore album The GOAT. “I knew it would get a lot of people saying, ‘Now, who does he think he is?’ Or, ‘That’s definitely not true.’ And I know my intentions behind it were pure. I wasn’t calling myself the greatest of all time. It was really a play on my zodiac sign, but I was open to the controversy.”

Polo’s album The GOAT was released in May. The LP debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, becoming the highest-charting project of his career.

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