Eminem and Joe Budden’s relationship is complicated to say the least. The former Slaughterhouse MC has been on the receiving end of Shady’s wrath more than once and Budden has no problem dishing it right back.

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the ever-outspoken host addresses Em’s leaked verse on Conway’s 2019 single “Bang” in which Eminem blasts REVOLT TV and Budden (again). Simply put — he’s not mad at it.

“Listen, I was 100 percent prepared to come on here and scream on Paul [Rosenberg] cause I thought Paul leaked this,” Budden says. “I was prepared to come on here and tell Paul and Em to read the room. Now’s not the time for all of that. But this is an old verse.

“You don’t get offended by old verses. And two, I don’t think anybody’s on that right now. I don’t think Em is on that, I don’t think my Slaughterhouse brothers is on that. I don’t think anybody is on that side right this second. I feel safe speaking on that, I won’t tell you why I feel safe speaking on that but I do.”

Budden is referring to the line where Em directly targets Budden with, “Wasted tissue, tell this journalist stick to the stuff he knows/Like always runnin’ from Migos
Here a mic, there a mic/Everywhere a mic, share and share alike/But just don’t compare alike/Instead of comparin’ me, pick a fair fight.”

But Budden is confident nobody’s thinking about such trivial matters anymore — especially with the current climate in the United States. So, he’s opted to take the more sophisticated route and refrain from firing back.

“That’s not really where the focus is right now,” he continues. “That’s not where our concern is, or where it should be. It’s way to much important shit going on right now. Even if I was going to come in here and start screaming, I’m not rapping so that’s not fun. Nothing about this is fun. It’s more power in the unity.

“I’m going to assume we were taking some baby steps to try to reach unity with some of the behind-the-scenes conversations that were taking place. So, nah, this is not 35-year-old Joe that’s going to come and fuck everything up ’cause I’m mad about some old shit. I’m going to be mature — I’m 40. Great verse!”

Joe Budden On Eminem’s ‘Music To Murdered By’: ‘He Should Stop Dissing Me’

Em took shots at Budden on the Music To Be Murdered By tracks “I Will” and “Lock It Up” this year. In another episode of his podcast, Budden insisted it was time for him to stop.

“The same way I feel like [Eminem] should stop dissing Lord Jamar, he should stop dissing me,” he said with a laugh. “Hey, whatever we had — that exchange when you did all the [multi-day interview segments with Sway Calloway], and whatever I said on the pod is a moment in time.

“We had our exchange. It’s over. In 2020, I can’t harbor negativity not only towards one of the best rappers, but somebody I’m not angry at. That’s what I gotta stop doin’. I don’t be mad at the people I come in and kill. There’s no hostility after that.”

Revisit the original version of “Bang” below.