For Mother’s Day this year, Future separately thanked all six of the women who have given birth to his children, but it looks like he needs to add one more tweet.

On Monday (May 11), It’s On Site reportedly confirmed DNA results for model Eliza Seraphin’s one-year-old daughter were in – and Future is 99.9999 percent the father. This comes after a nearly year-long court battle between Seraphin and Future over the child’s paternity.

Seraphin previously sued Future, requesting a quote of $53,000 a month in child support based on his current income. Future first requested an injunction from the court, admitting to a sexual relationship from 2016 until 2018 and not outright denying the child but instead arguing Seraphin had been attempting to use their relationship and pregnancy to gain fame on social media and had been harassing him since becoming pregnant.

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Future then filed a lawsuit of his own against Seraphin for defamation, but most of his claims were dismissed in court. In February, the judge ruled the platinum-selling rapper was required to submit a DNA test as well as submit his income, which resulted in Monday’s findings.



In an interview with It’s On Site after the DNA results were revealed, Seraphin’s attorney Brandon Rotbart confirmed his client will be seeking retroactive child support and attorney’s fees, in addition to the regular child support order. However, that matter is still pending before the court.

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This may actually make eight children for Future, as there’s one more woman with a young child who may have been linked to him.



A woman by the name of Cindy Parker sued Future for paternity and child support in 2019 and even linked up with Reign to have their kids take DNA tests at one point. The test results returned a 99.9 percent probability of the two being half-siblings, but Parker’s lawsuit was “quietly dismissed” earlier this year with no further information.

Future’s new album High Off Life is set for release this Friday (May 15), so depending on the verdict from the court, some of the earnings from the album may be going towards child support payments for his new daughter.