New York, NY

Throwing himself into the mix of artists who have dropped bars related to the Covid-19 pandemic, Brooklyn MC Papoose revived his classic mixtape track “Sharades” for a new Brady Watt-produced freestyle, in which he raps from the viewpoint of the virus.

Rocking a mask around his neck and gloves on his hands while driving, the mixtape legend references numerous things, including the confirmed infections of NBA star Kevin Durant and actor Idris Elba.

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“I was born in the laboratory, my mother’s a scientist, I don’t know who was my father, they both deny it,” Pap raps, adding: “China said it was the US, they tell a different story … I don’t know who was my father, somebody call Maury.”

The concept of the original “Sharades” was first used to rap from the perspective of the infamous Hip Hop police. It was one of the singles (along with “Alphabetical Slaughter”) that helped cement his buzz during the height of the New York City mixtape era.

This was the second freestyle Pap’s dropped this week focused on the pandemic. In another verse, spit over Jay Electronica‘s “Univeral Soldier,” he questioned the origin of the virus, dropped some Trump shade and wondered whether governments were using the pandemic to extort fear.

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