Tyronesha Laws, the woman who was slapped by DaBaby at an event in Tampa on March 7, doubts the sincerity of his public apology.

In an interview with TMZ, Law said she believes DaBaby’s remorse was insincere after seeing him make light of the incident in a skit with comedian Michael Blackson.

DaBaby Apologizes After Slapping Woman At Show

“He still makes a joke about it,” she said. “Like yesterday, he uploaded something on his page in a clothing store making a joke about it. So, I don’t feel like he was sincere with the apology.”

On Sunday (March 8), DaBaby issued an apology via Instagram Stories after a video surfaced of him slapping Laws. He offered to fly the victim out and say he was sorry in a face-to-face conversation.

“I would love to apologize to you in person,” he stated. “I can apologize publicly if you prefer that. I can apologize privately. I got no problem with apologizing.”

Laws said the pain from DaBaby’s slap eventually led to her visiting a hospital, where she was diagnosed with a contusion. She also detailed her humiliation over becoming recognized as the victim of the 2019 HipHopDX Rapper of the Year’s attack.

“I was embarrassed,” she note. “I got people calling me, writing me on Instagram through fake pages. People seeing me at my job, like saying, ‘Oh you’re the girl that got slapped.’ It’s embarrassing. My daughter waking up in the middle of the night crying overhearing me on the phone with my lawyer talking about the situation. It’s hateful.”

Check out the interview with Laws and video of the slapping incident below.

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