50 Cent is in heavy promo mode for his new ABC crime drama For Life. During a recent interview with Rap Radar’s Cigar Talk, the rap legend/television mogul opened up about a bevy of topics, including Ja Rule’s allegation that he’s a “snitch,” a name the Murder Inc. boss has been throwing in 50’s direction for decades.

Mr. Curtis Jackson denied he’s anything of the sort and insisted it’s nothing more than an attempt to assassinate his character.

“They’ll say, ‘He a rat’ or, ‘He this, this and that,'” he explained around the 19-minute mark. “All you gotta do is ask them who I told on?I ain’t never told on no nigga in my life. In the Preme [Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff] situation — look at his case. It’ll tell you who told on him. My name ain’t in that case. You see what I’m saying? They tried to use that I needed an order of protection, but why it feels like I’m the bully out here then?

“YOU needed protection, nigga. And your protection gone! That’s the truth! Niggas will try to put a spin on anything to try to make it look good and then when you get in disputes with younger artists, they don’t know what to use against you so they use what someone else used. So they go back and they go, ‘Oh you this!'”

50 also spoke on Meek Mill and French Montana, who recently slapped the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ mastermind with the “snitch” label as well. But he said he wasn’t offended.

“You heard it when Meek was talking shit, you heard it when French was talking shit,” he said. “It’s like, I don’t take offense to it when they do it because I know what they’re doing. I took offense where it actually started and you never see — let Jimmy Henchman tell you I’m a snitch. Let Preme tell you I’m a snitch. Just say it one time. Because Jimmy been snitching since 1942!”

Ja Rule Reminds Twitter 50 Cent Got "Beat Up, Stabbed & Shot"

Ja Rule provided Drug Enforcement Agency paperwork last July that allegedly proved Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson was the anonymous caller who had given police a tip about the Lodi Mack homicide.

Check it out below.