T-Pain has apparently flipped the script on a super hater who started the “Fuck T-Pain” website. Thanks to his ample bank account, the Grammy Award-winning artist was able to purchase the domain so all profits go into his wallet.

“k so here’s wht happened,” he tweeted on Sunday (February 16). “My dawg sent me the http://fucktpain.com link and instead of trying to take it down and hurt the person that put time into making the site. I simply purchased it from them and now all the profit comes to me. Got it? So buy it up!! I’d appreciate it.”

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The Masked Singer winner coupled the tweet with another tweet from one of his haters that reads, “tpain is a terrible artist and he is the ugliest creature on the planet.”

The “Fuck T-Pain” website consists of a barrage of social media posts all trashing Mr. Tallahassee Pain. Comments range from”T-Pain sucks” to “Show me a GOOD T-Pain song where he doesn’t use Auto-Tune. Yup. He sucks. Talentless fat fuck.”

There are also several t-shirts for purchase with the text, “Fuck T-Pain” or “Auto-Tune Sucks.” The shirts are priced at $24.00.