T-Pain is tired of hearing about how there’s a “new T-Pain.” The multi-platinum selling artist shared his frustration with fans declaring someone has claimed his spot in a Twitter post on Tuesday (October 29).

“Bro. Just because somebody has 2 songs YOU like does NOT mean they are ‘tHe NeW tPaIn,'” he wrote. “I been doing this shit for way too long and done saved too many other artists careers and done had too many #1 records for a nigga wit a hot single to be the new me chill bro.”

T-Pain also took the time to clap back at some Twitter users taking shots at his career.

In one response, he wrote, “The fact that you even saw this tweet means I’m fine. And also. 2 platinum albums. 6 Grammies. Writing for your new fave. I’m good mama. Fact check.”

Although T-Pain noted he’s doing fine, he recently admitted he had to cancel a tour due to low ticket sales. According to him, his team cut corners after attempting to plan an entire run of shows just a month before they were supposed to begin.

T-Pain decided to cancel the tour because it would’ve “been a bad look” for him. He revealed the honest reasons for why it failed in an Instagram post.

“I was advised to lie about this and say that I needed some time or I needed some alone time or me time,” he said. “We fucked up. I’ma keep it real with y’all. Most artists lie. Whenever concerts get canceled or tours get canceled, it’s for low ticket sales. I think that’s wrong, that’s fucked up.”

Listen to his full explanation below.