New York, NY

Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones was reportedly sentenced to 135 months (or 11.25 years) in federal prison.

Complex reports Judge Paul Engelmayer handed down the decision on Thursday (October 16) during a hearing at Manhattan’s Thurgood Marshall Courthouse. Upon completion of his sentence, Mel will also have five years of probation and have to pay $10,000 in forfeiture.

The government says Mel had reached “Godfather” status among the “street lineup” of Nine Trey. He also part of Jim Jones’ Byrdgang rap collective and is featured on several Dipset tracks.

During Anthony “Harv” Ellison and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack’s trial last month, The Diplomats MC was identified as “Individual-1” during an wiretapped phone call with Mel. During the conversation, Mel said 6ix9ine had to be “super-violated” for disavowing the gang when speaking with The Breakfast Club last November.

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In April, Mel pleaded guilty to racketeering and narcotics offenses for being a part of Nine Trey and transporting heroin and fentanyl. Last November, Mel sold heroin to an undercover New York Police Department officer and he was arrested shortly after.

Mel reportedly wrote a letter to Judge Engelmayer asking for a “second chance” prior to his sentencing hearing. He also revealed he became a member of the United Blood Nation — the parent organization of Nine Trey — at 15 years old because of the older men in his neighborhood who were “thugs off the corner … involved in illegal activities like drugs and violence.”

The first defendant in the 6ix9ine federal racketeering case, Jesnel “Ish” Butler, was sentenced to 60 months in July. 6ix9ine is expected to be sentenced on December 18. Due to his cooperation with the federal government, he could be out as early as the top of 2020.