Diamond of Crime Mob was arrested on aggravated assault charges
stemming from a May 15 stabbing incident on board the group’s tour bus.

According to sources, Diamond and another woman aboard the bus were
arguing over a man when another female, alleged to be a friend of
Diamond’s intervened and slashed the woman’s face with a sharp object.

Police were called to the scene but no search of the bus was conducted.
had left the scene before police arrived. A source close to
Diamond insists the rapper is a victim of mistaken identity.

According to DeKalb County, Georgia records, a Brittany Nicole
Carpentero, A.K.A. Diamond, was arrested and booked on May 20. She was
released on $20,000 bond two days later.

Crime Mob
is best known for their 2004 break out single, “Knuck if You Buck.”