Los Angeles, CA – In a recent interview on the No Jumper Podcast, Dame Dash offered his take on his former partner Jay-Z, who recently sat down with the NFL to discuss the possibility of owning a franchise.

Or not.

“Everyone knows Jay ain’t shit,” Dame says. “Listen, if you ask anyone in the industry, it’s common knowledge that Jay ain’t shit. He’s about the bag. We all know that. He’s self-preserving. Period.”

Hov has been the center of much-heated debate with many finding it hypocritical to get into bed with an organization that he told others like Travis Scott (who performed at the 2019 Super Bowl regardless) to avoid participation.

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Later in the interview, Dash said that Jay used to do the same thing with women the Dame Dash Studios founder was interested in.

“He’d do that shit to me with girls. I’ll be talking to a chick and I’ll be like, ‘Yo, she asked me to do this, that and the third.’ And he’d be like, ‘I wouldn’t do it.’ And then the next day he done wifed her. And I’d be like, ‘Oh, that some funny shit.’”

But Dash’s own words might actually prove that his point goes beyond just situations with women in the past.

During an August 2017 appearance on HipHopDX’s DXLive with Trent Clark, Marcel Williams and myself, Dame listed NFL ownership as the next thing he wanted to be involved in.

We spoke to the Harlem native about the many business ventures he’d taken on over the years (including his latest one at that time when he’d just started the Dash Diabetes Network) one of the items that he was clear still hadn’t been checked off his “Did that” list as he put it, was ownership of an NFL team.

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“[I want to own] a football team. I don’t wanna own a half of a percent of it. I want the whole thing. I don’t want to have perception. I want the real deal,” Dame said emphatically, making it clear that he didn’t want to be merely a semantic owner like most celebrities that get involved in sports ownership. “I really want to build a stadium, be a part of the process of making the uniforms as fresh as they’ll be, I wanna be put my own money up,” he added.

But for those that perceive Dame as riding with Kaepernick, what Dame said next did come as a surprise, especially since it happened to fall on the very same week that Donald Trump declared that NFL players that kneeled were sons of bitches and should “get off the field.

We asked Dame point-blank if he would hire Colin Kaepernick to fill his roster at the quarterback position and his response may surprise you.

“Probably not. Not right now,” Dash told the DXLive crew. “If I’m on the block and I’m supposed to be hustling, I don’t want anything that distracts me from what I should be doing, so if I wanted to have a platform to showcase my points of view I probably won’t do it in my workspace cause it’ll mess up the vibes and I don’t think anyone else would want to put in something that’s going distract everyone else on the team,” he added.

To be fair Dame, who is known to be an outspoken man himself, clarified that he’s not mad at the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s message, but simply the level of distraction he’s allowing it to bring upon the game itself, and he offered what he thought would be a good solution.

“What I would do is, I would empower Kaepernick. I would give him a platform, I would help fund it, but I’d be like ‘We’re out here playing football. Use the fame that you got from football to make a statement someplace else,’ but you can’t expect somebody to hire you to do a job when everyone knows you’re gonna distract everyone else from doing their job,” Dash noted.

“That’s just how I look at it as a businessman. I don’t think what he says is wrong. I think what he says is right but I think it might be a little more powerful if he didn’t do it in the workplace.”

The issue has only become more complex since then as Kaepernick sued the NFL and was subsequently paid an undisclosed settlement.

Check out our full conversation with Dame Dash down below.