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Egyptian Lover dropped his inaugural studio album in 1984. Titled On The Nile, the pioneering project effortlessly melded two worlds together: Hip Hop and electro. It also spawned one of the most enduring breakdancing records on the planet, “Egypt, Egypt.”

To celebrate the company’s 70th anniversary, adidas has unveiled a new ad campaign, which uses “Egypt, Egypt.” Speaking to HipHopDX, Egyptian Lover — real name Greg Broussard — explained how it coincided perfectly with his 35th anniversary.

“It’s been a really great year,” Egyptian Lover told DX. “[The adidas ad] was very simple. They emailed me, told me about it, we did the paperwork and it was done. I was very pleased and excited to hear my song in the ad. It’s been a great year for me and my 35th anniversary.

“Not only adidas, but also Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Snowfall TV show and many other things are happening. I feel very thankful for all my fans and companies still loving this record.”

In the ad, a blue adidas shoe box opens up and key moments from the company’s history are displayed through different mediums inside — from Run-DMC’s iconic laceless adidas look to Stan Smith on the tennis court.

Samples of “Egypt, Egypt” are peppered throughout the 30-second snippet.

Watch the clip above and revisit the original song below.