HipHopDX – Singer-songwriter and often rapper Lana Shea has recruited longtime producer J57 and Benefit for a remix of “Us Too.”

The original version of the single comes from Lana’s most recent album, Duality, which dropped last July.

The introspective song dives into Lana’s experiences with toxic masculinity and sexual assault, two things women have to deal with far too often throughout their lives.

“This track came from a very deep place,” Lana explains to HipHopDX. “I wrote about sexual assault, the #MeToo movement and all of our abilities to hold shit back until it’s time to let go. The original song was produced by Amp Live. When J57 picked this track to do a remix for it, it gave me life and gave new life to the song.

“Hip Hop has a misogyny problem, just like the world has a patriarchy problem, and I can’t help but speak through it even while feeling it’s not necessarily my place to speak on it. Having the support of these Hip Hop veterans reminds me that our future is most definitely gonna be brighter than our pasts.”

J57 is not only her collaborator but a fan of Lana’s music.

“Lana is one of the most talented musicians I’ve had the privilege of working with recently and she’s a close friend of Jamo Gang,” J57 adds. She’s featured on my latest Voltaire EP and she’s on one of my solo albums dropping next year as well.

“When she reached out about me remixing one of her songs from Duality, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I approached this remix a little different from my normal way of doing things. I utilized a sample/composition that I created with the extremely talented Benefit for majority of the soundscape.”

Listen to the “Us Too” remix above.