Columbia, SC – DMX could barely contain his laughter during a recent FaceTime call with TMZ. During the conversation, he was asked what he thought of the now viral police sketch of an attempted murder suspect in South Carolina who just happens to look a lot like the “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” legend.

X is confident the sketch artist took a photo of him, redrew it and just slapped some hair on his famously bald head.

“Looks exactly like me,” he says. “That shit is crazy. I just think they fucked around and drew a picture of me and they added hair to it. And they know I’m parole, man. I’m in New York. That’s the South. Shit is different down there. It’s definitely a picture of me. I mean, think about it. You never see a police sketch with that much detail in it. Like, come on.

“Police sketches be like outline shit. It’d be real quick. That’s a fuckin’ drawing right there. That ain’t no sketch. They added hair on there, threw the sideburns on. They knew what they were doing.”

But as reported by The State earlier this week, the witness told the South Carolina Police Department the suspect “looks a lot like DMX.” Although a police sketch is typically done with the assistance of a witness, it’s clear the Ruff Ryder thinks the artist had more help than that.

A spokesperson for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division admitted the sketch artist did use a photo of X and worked with the witness to determine the tiny nuances between X and the suspect.

Columbia Police Department Deputy Chief Melron Kelly made sure to point out X is not a suspect in the case.