Hollywood, CA

Swae Lee has revealed he’s also experienced discrimination at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In a TMZ video shot days after Meek Mill was rejected from the Sin City hotel, the Rae Sremmurd rapper empathized with Meek’s situation.

“I feel [Meek Mill] 100 percent,” Swae said. “I was just there and they’re really aggressive for no reason.

“To people that discriminate against the Hip Hop community, I want you to remember we’re all people. You can learn something from somebody who’s different from you … All that racist shit is setting us back as people.”

The hotel refused Meek’s entry on Saturday (May 25), later citing a capacity issue. However, their security team initially barred the Philly rapper due to an alleged previous altercation and threatened to arrest him for trespassing if he got out of his vehicle.

Swae, Yo Gotti and others have supported Meek in his decision to sue the Cosmopolitan for discrimination.



Meek’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, believes the hotel will pay “heavy monetary damages” and claims several black rappers have experienced racism in other Vegas hotels.