Bizarre took the high road this week and expressed regret over a line regarding Joe Budden’s dog that was included on “Love Tap,” the D12 vet’s Budden and Jay Electronica diss track.

In an Instagram video posted on Wednesday (May 29), he issued an apology to the former Slaughterhouse MC for what he sees as crossing the line.

“I would like to apologize for a line that I said [about] Joe Budden on ‘Love Tap’ when we was beefin,” he began. “The line where I say, ‘You love your dog to death/Good watch him take his last breath.’ And unfortunately, Joe’s dog had passed away.

“I wanna take the time as a man to apologize and say that was a fucked up thing to say that. I said it in the heart of battle. As a man, I can apologize and really admit that. That’s what being a man is all about.”

In the caption, Bizarre also delivered an update on his upcoming Rufus project.

“Happy hump day,” he wrote. “Give me awesome info about the upcoming our rufus. And apologizing to @joebudden about a statement I made . As a man I can admit when I’m wrong.. I do believe in karma and I do believe in the universe…Rufus y’all coming soon!”

“Love Tap” was released last September as Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly were entangled in a game of lyrical ping-pong. Bizarre inserted himself into the beef and set his sights on Budden for making derogatory comments about Slim Shady on The Joe Budden Podcast. 

Revisit the track below.