Miami, FL

What’s not broken doesn’t need fixing when it comes to Rolling Loud’s solid relationship with Audiomack.

HipHopDX can confirm that the trusted music hub is partnering with Rolling Loud for the third year as a title sponsor this weekend in Miami.

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And with that news comes The Audiomack Mainstage featuring Hip Hop royalty: Cardi B, Travis Scott, Migos, Kid Cudi and many more stars.



“Rolling Loud is excited to partner with AudioMack in Miami for the third year in a row,” Tariq Cherif, Rolling Loud co-founder, tells DX. “Audiomack has been instrumental when it comes to breaking new artists and providing a platform for established artists to reach new fans. We look forward to continuing to grow and push the culture forward with them.”

Audiomack’s Chief Marketing Officer David Ponte adds, “We are partnering with Rolling Loud for the third year in a row because it is the biggest hip hop festival in the world that provides a platform for new artists as well as global superstars. As a new music discovery streaming platform that focuses on emerging and platinum selling artist, I couldn’t imagine a better partnership than working with Rolling Loud.”

But wait, there’s more. Audiomack and Rolling Loud will also be collaborating on a No Jumper-hosted podcast stage which will be accented with a full-fledged carnival.



Visit Rolling Loud’s official website ASAP to see how you get involved in the action before the festivities commence.

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