Los Angeles, CA - 

DJ Quik used a colloquial idiom to describe what he wants to happen to FOX News host Laura Ingraham.

In a recent video captured by TMZ, the “Tonite” legend said Ingraham shouldn’t be fired — at least not yet. He believes she should have to “eat crow” first, meaning he wants her to suffer humiliation by admitting she was proven wrong for her seemingly insensitive commentary about the late Nipsey Hussle.

“Don’t you think she deserved all that backlash?” he asks. “First of all, privileged doesn’t negate the fact that you’re an ignorant woman. Ignorance is all colors. That’s an ignorant white woman. First of all, she blamed him for a song he didn’t write. He was a guest on the song. So, she already know ain’t nobody feelin’ her right now.

“But she’s privileged and ignorant. She’s live in a Barbie dollhouse her whole life. Don’t fire her like they did old girl at NBC … Don’t fire her like Megyn [Kelly]. Just let her eat crow for a couple weeks. The good thing about media and people is they have a short memory. They forget.”

Ingraham drew sharp criticism from countless people, including Justin Bieber, T.I. and The Game, after she laughed several times while delivering a story about Nip’s funeral, sarcastically calling him “this dear artist.”

She also incorrectly stated Nip was the mastermind behind “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” when it actuality, he was a guest on the YG track.

Nip was shot and killed on March 31. His funeral, held on April 11 at the Staples Center, drew thousands of people and marked the first funeral at the historic L.A. venue since Michael Jackson.