Instagram – Birdman was clearly feeling nostalgic earlier this week when he posted a throwback photo of himself to Instagram — pre-face tattoos. Rocking a giant cell phone and Girbaud jeans (remember those?), the burgeoning rap mogul looked ready to take on the world.

While reflecting on the photo, the Cash Money co-founder gave himself a new title.

“Really been doin this shit,” he wrote in the caption. “#stunnaman original uptown shit #king of hip hop. yung Stunna.”

An entire book could be written on Birdman’s contributions to the culture (in fact, Hip-Hop Hitmakers: The Story Of Cash Money Records by Terri Dougherty does a pretty thorough job). But for brevity’s sake, Birdman and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams established Cash Money in 1991. Since then, it evolved into one of the most prolific rap labels out there.

The Big Tymer OG took Lil Wayne under his wing and helped propel his career to where it is today. Despite their sordid past, Wayne and Birdman have worked on numerous collaborations together, including 2004’s Tha Carter.

Birdman’s latest effort was Lost At Sea 2 with Jacquees, which was released last year.