It’s no secret that Teyana Taylor and her husband Iman Shumpert are into threesomes as evidenced by her K.T.S.E. track “3Way.” Nevertheless, on Monday morning (January 22) rumors began to spread all over the internet that during one of their sexual trysts, Shumpert slipped up and got a woman they invited into their bedroom pregnant.

The lady at the center of it all is porn star Alby Rydes, who recently gave birth to a now, two-month-old newborn.

Iman left heart eyes under a picture of Alby’s baby and apparently that’s all that was needed to jumpstart the rumor that he’s the baby’s daddy. Fans then noticed the Harlem talent deleted her Instagram. Many assumed it due to Tey being pissed that her husband allegedly put a baby in another woman.

To clear the air, the married couple went on record to confirm Iman did not get Rydes pregnant. In fact, Tey claims she’s never even met Rydes and the NBA player is now threatening to sue any blogs reporting the rumor as fact.

“1. I’ve never seen/touched that girl in my life,” she tweeted. “2. My page is gone because I’m upset at @defjam for not dropping my damn ‘WTP’ video on time, per usual. 3. It’s really sad that lies are entertained so much than the truth. 4. Iman is not dumb he know I’d kill him.”

Additionally, Alby took it upon herself to do some damage control by clarifying that yes, she was pregnant, but it wasn’t by Iman.

Peep Alby’s response to the Teyana-Iman threesome rumors below.