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Teyana Taylor was a recent guest on The  Angie Martinez Show, where she opened up about Keep That Same Energy and the hiccups surrounding the album’s release.

K.T.S.E. is one of five recent seven-track projects produced by Kanye West. Despite the hoopla for the album’s rollout, which included one of West’s now-infamous listening parties,K.T.S.E.wasn’t complete. 

“A couple things changed that I wasn’t aware of,” Taylor explains. “You wake up and the album is out and it’s new to you, so it caught me off guard. It was also in the midst of everybody trying to make everybody happy. It was an honest misunderstanding I will say.”

She added, “I like the original version better … Nothing personal against the label or ‘Ye.”

Sample clearance issues and incomplete verses contributed to the album’s haphazard release. When Martinez asks what happened to the Chris Brown feature on the project, she says Brown was unable to finish his verse in time but couldn’t explain why other verses had vanished.

“With the songs that only had one verse on there, I had completed all the songs,” she says. “So it was like, to hear a version with missing verses, it was like … the clearances are no joke. But as far as verses being missing, I don’t got no excuse for that. I don’t know why the verses was missing.”

Now, Taylor is focused on moving forward.

“What I did notice as well is that it just was a couple miscommunications,” she says. “I think that overall it was still part of the Wyoming projects, these five albums. I don’t know if I even consider this my album. I’m just going to chuck it, chuck it up.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Taylor opens up about the track “3Way” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, which touches on her sex life with NBA star/husband Iman Shumpert. After hearing the song, people on social media accused her of being forced into threesomes with other women. But Taylor shut that down quickly.

“I find my husband extremely attractive and sexy,” she says. “When you in love, you wanna explore everything. It ain’t have nothing to do with sharing. I ain’t sharing nothing. I ain’t sharing no dick or none of that.”

She then admits they only participate with women who don’t speak English.

“That’s the crazy part,” she says. “I didn’t want to spill that part because I didn’t want to offend nobody. It gets complicated when people want to do it with homegirls … we ain’t got time for that.

“Like I’ve always made it clear, it’s not something that my husband make do or tell me I have to do. I don’t need anybody thinking I’m doing anything to keep my man ’cause that’s not the case.” [apple_news_ad type=”any”]

Watch the full interview above.