Cardi B recently sat down with CBS News for an extensive interview with correspondent Maurice DuBois. During their conversation, the platinum-selling rapper opened up about a bevy of topics, including her highly publicized beef with Nicki Minaj.

She admitted she wasn’t embarrassed by the September altercation at a New York Fashion Week event but she wasn’t exactly proud of it.

“I think it’s bad for business,” Cardi said. “You know, a lotta people like to say, ‘All publicity is good publicity.’ To me, it’s not. Because that takes away of people paying attention to your craft. It makes people not even care about your craft. They just want to see drama.”

Nicki and Cardi seemed to bury the hatchet on social media in October with Cardi sharing a tweet from Nicki promoting positivity.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cardi confessed that her stripper days actually made her more confident.

“A lot of the women here they taught me to be more powerful,” she said. “I did gain, like, a passion and love to performing. It made me feel pretty.  I’m glad for this chapter in my life. A lot of people always want to make fun of me, like, ‘Oh, you used to be a stripper.’ I don’t ever regret it. I don’t ever regret it.”

Cardi was recently nominated for five Grammy Awards, just days after she announced her spilt from Migos rapper Offset. Despite the drama in her life, Cardi insists she will always land on two feet.

“People just feel like it’s a, ‘Ha-ha. It’s almost over for you,'” she said. “And it’s just like, ‘I get up every single time, honey.’ And even before this fame stuff, I always get up, all the time. It’s like, you know, ‘I’ve been down nine times, but I get up ten.’ And I show people that. I show it.”