Kaytranada announced he was releasing three new songs via Instagram earlier this week. Now, the trifecta has arrived. The three-pack includes “Nothing Like U” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, “Chances” with Shay Lia and a solo cut titled “It Was Meant 2 B.”

Both “Nothing Like U” and “Chances” come with an instrumental version.

Kaytranda has also revealed he’s partnering with RCA Records. The esteemed record label will release HipHopDX’s 2016 Producer of the Year’s forthcoming full-length album next year.



“Kaytranada is a young maverick, standing out amongst many of his peers, Peter Edge, Chairman & CEO of RCA Records said in a press release. “He has proven himself as a unique and multi-faceted producer and artist, capturing a sound that is both classic and futuristic.

“99.9% is one of my absolute favorite albums of the last few years. We are excited to welcome Kaytranada to the RCA family and partner with him to bring his vision to life.”

Listen to the EP below.