Dayton, OH - 

Chuck D and Flavor Flav showed up at DJ Terminator X’s wedding in Ohio over the weekend, which in itself isn’t surprising.

What is surprising is the legendary duo performed a set as Public Enemy, marking the first time the unlikely pair performed together since 2017. (Remember, Flav filed a lawsuit against his longtime partner-in-rhyme last year.)

According to, Robin Dugger and the Public Enemy vet were married November 17 at Residence Park Church of Christ in Dayton.

With the exception of two SW1s and Professor Griff, who also got married this year, Chuck, Flav, DJ Lord, Khari Wynn, Sammy Sam and all other members of the band attended the wedding and reception at Country Club of the North in Beavercreek.

Chuck told HipHopDX he performed several classic joints — including “Rebel Without a Pause,” “911 Is a Joke,” “Don’t Believe the Hype” and “Fight the Power” — with Flav and X.

Check out a clip below.