New York – Bobby Smurda was arrested in 2014 and hit with several charges, including conspiracy to commit murder.

With the increased popularity of his single Hot N*gga, investigators were able to use the lyrics of the song as evidence to resolve an investigation that had been open prior to Smurda’s fame.

On Wednesday (October 3), Shmurda’s mother Leslie Pollard went on Instagram to provide an update on his prison release.

“One of those mornings but the time is ticking 25 months he will be here soon,” she wrote followed by several emojis.

According to the post, Mama Shmurda plans on visiting him on Thursday (October 4). In June, she revealed her son was “in good spirits” in spite of his circumstances.

Shmurda is currently housed at the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York. His next parole hearing is scheduled for August 2020.