New York, NY

Kanye West was evidently in a charitable mood on Saturday morning (September 29). While strolling down the streets of New York City, a homeless man spotted ‘Ye and promptly started spitting bars for him.

Rather than walk away, ‘Ye patiently listened to him rap and smiled as he nodded his head.

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In another follow-up video posted by TMZ, ‘Ye encourages the man to introduce himself. It turns out his name is Nino Blu and he only recently became homeless due to the “crazy” guy he was living with at the time.

Nino explains ‘Ye is bringing him into the studio because of his “good energy.” He refers to the entire experience as a “crazy ass miracle.” Before the clip ends, Nino encourages anyone else with a dream to keep going.

Kanye is getting ready for his performance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live and the release of Yandhi, his second solo album this year.