New York, NY

Kanye West was sending out some mixed messages while at The FADER headquarters this week. Rocking his infamous MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat, he was also wearing a white sweatshirt with Colin Kaepernick’s name written across the front.

Whether it was intentional remains a mystery. He does explain in a video posted to social media that he’s “redesigned” the hat.

“The elephant in the room is I wear my hat, right?” he says. “But it’s my hat. I redesigned it. I changed the brim and changed the shape right here. And I put positive energy into that hat.”

Kanye has raised several eyebrows due to his outspoken support of Donald Trump but he says it’s nothing more than“free thinking.” But to many, the MAGA is a symbol of racism and hate, while Kaepernick’s activism has become a beacon for justice, unity and peace.

After the former San Francisco 49er released his Nike ad, ‘Ye supported his efforts.

“I stand for giving everyone a voice,” he said. “Adidas giving me a voice and Nike giving Colin voice on a big business level makes the world a more advanced place.”

‘Ye’s conflicting messages weren’t lost on Twitter users. Many viewed the stunt as a cheap marketing ploy for his upcoming album Yandhiwhile others are convinced he hasn’t left the sunken place. 

Check out some of the reactions below.