Puebla, Mexico - 

Tekashi 6ix9ine took a detour to Mexico his week. There, he was reunited with his aunt and uncle whom he’d never met before. 6ix9ine’s mother moved to New York before he was born.

On Thursday (August 30), the polarizing Brooklyn rapper shared a few videos and photos to his Instagram account documenting the emotional reunion.

“I never met my family before…. This was so crazyyyyyy,” he wrote in the caption. “My first time in Mexico. this shit broke my heart connecting with family I never seen before I’ve only spoken to….. me being younger not understanding why my Mom left her country to make a better future for us. THIS right here hits home.”

He added in Spanish, “ARIBA MI PINCHE RAZA TE AMO,” which translates to roughly, “I love my fucking race.”

Before they parted ways, he handed his family members what looked like thousands of dollars.

6ix9ine also visited his mother’s former school where he chatted in Spanish with the locals and handed out $100 bills to every kid present in the classroom.

“I went to my mom school where she attended 45 years ago AND IT FELT AMAZING GIVING HOPE TO THESE KIDS,” he wrote. “Even if they didn’t really care for what I said it felt so gooooooood seeing them happy and knowing that there’s always a way out and a way through! TE AMOOOOOO MEXICOOOOO.”

6ix9ine is heading to Europe next year as part of the NICKIHNDRXX Tour. It was originally expected to kick off in North America this September, but Nicki Minaj cut the U.S./Canada leg earlier this month.  [apple_news_ad type=”any”]