Chicago, IL – Lil Pump wasn’t happy about his set getting cut short at Lollapalooza 2018. In a video shared on social media, the “Gucci Gang” creator voiced his displeasure with festival officials for shutting down his performance in Chicago on Saturday (August 4).

“Lollapalooza, listen up, man” he said. “That was some fuck shit. Y’all stopped my whole set because everybody was fucking mosh-pitting too hard. People were fainting. I stopped the show and got everybody that was fainting and they still cut my set off ’cause everybody was mosh-pitting too hard. I was ’bout to cause a riot.”

Pump’s set was marred by rowdy fans and festivalgoers passing out in the crowd. Video from the event showed a raucous scene.

Check out some of the reaction to Pump’s brief Lollapalooza appearance below.