Hip Hop is reeling from another tragic death.

XXXTENTACION was killed in a shooting on Monday afternoon (June 18) in Broward County, Florida. He was found in his vehicle with no pulse following the shooting and rushed to a hospital. Soon after, the Broward Sheriff’s Office announced his death.

The controversial figure was beloved by some and despised by others, developing a devoted fanbase and scoring major commercial success despite his legal woes. He was one of the central figures in the emergent “SoundCloud Rap” scene and garnered praise from major figures, such as Kendrick Lamar.



But amid his rise to fame, he was heavily scrutinized due to an unresolved domestic abuse case in which he was accused of beating his pregnant girlfriend.

Reactions to X’s death have been pouring in since it was announced.

HipHopDX has collected some of the notable reactions from the Hip Hop community below.

I Love You , I’m Sorry For Everything , Forever Jahseh Fucking Forever

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At a loss for words King. We had a very special relationship that I will cherish forever. Thankful and honored to have called you a friend, to have been welcomed so closely to your energy and even inside your home. You were a true Alchemist transforming the negatives to positives with a constant devotion of making yourself a better person. I Love you like a brother. Often saw myself and the good in you and that led me to stay loyal to you no matter what people told me they thought about you. Always believed you were a truly good spirited person at heart and nothing will ever change that. Another Hero gone way too soon. I prayed the news wasn’t true you had way too much of a bright future ahead. REST IN PEACE my brother I know STEELO is awaiting your arrival to welcome you in open arms. Warrior of light ?

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I take life for granted.. forgive me if I offended anyone…

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? until we meet again. You will never be forgotten on my end.

A post shared by Ethernet Vol. 1 Out Now (@wifisfuneral) on

Murdered at 20 years old. So young. His untimely death truly saddens me & I’ve never met him. Though listening to his music told me a lot about him. At times he seemed very depressed & confused about life as we all are (were) at a young age… other times he was very happy & an open book for his fans. That to me has always been the way of a true hip hop artist. He was a lot more talented than most knew from the music he leaves behind & there’s no doubt in my mind that he would’ve grown both musically & mentally from the few changes I’ve watch him make just over social media… He was very talented & could literally go in any direction on a beat & hold his own. More than not he talked about his death.. “If I die” “when I die” a lot but we’re all guilty of that as artists in some way shape or form & we as people are not anyone’s judge. We’re all down here under God living & learning everyday & none of us is or will ever be perfect. Our IMPERFECTIONS are what makes us beautiful. He made mistakes & was man enough at his young age to acknowledge, accept blame & try to change & offer his fans alternate solutions knowing that they too could be in need of guidance. That is what I respect. I pray for this new generation full of talented artist & kids alike. No matter the age difference or gap, we must understand that we are all on earth TOGETHER trying to enjoy life at whatever capacity that brings us joy. Yet & still, we are only HUMAN….. & this situation alone is saddening. A young man, both very wise & sometimes normally confused is taken away from his family, friends & fans before his life can run its full course. It’s like fuck…. As soon as you think life is okay, tragedy again plagues an already dark world. Take it day by day young world. The MASS AGENDA wants as many of us to die as young as possible so they can make money off your funeral & burial before it costs them to implement additional learning tools to ensure your education & survival. I love all of you & I UNDERSTAND you’re just trying to figure yourself out. WE ALL ARE #RestInParadise #XXX

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#rip X

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?RIP @xxxtentacion My brother you live forever in my HEART! ? #LEGENDSNEVERDIE

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look i'm not the type to post our messages on here, but i do want to say one thing. i know we've publicly had our disagreements, but what the media doesn't know is that we handled it all behind the scenes like grown ass men, and i'm glad we did. It's really crazy how mature you are because I was ready to fight yo ass nigga and i didn't care that yo weird ass took fighting classes ?. But look…people talk alot of shit about our XXL 2017 Freshman Class, but nigga we made hip-hop HISTORY idc ??‍♂️. As smart as you were, it always confused me because of how much potential you saw in me. It means alot. We are all hurt, and its really not a good feeling at all, but hey. I'm not trying to be too sappy so look here. We gonna miss you and i'm gonna maintain the balance that we last talked about. Rest easy, homie. @xxxtentacion -Royce?

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