Atlanta, GA – 21 Savage isn’t exactly one to hold his tongue. On Thursday (June 14), he jumped on Instagram Live and declared all Atlanta rappers are “hoes.”

“To keep it all the way one thousand, bruh, all these Atlanta rappers some bitch ass niggas,” he says. “I ain’t even gonna lie. Hoes. All of em hoes, one hundred percent. Straight up. I say that in the humblest way. You niggas some bitches man. Shit been crazy. I’m tired of this shit. It’s getting out of hand.”

The ISSA rapper didn’t specifically call anyone out, but he attempted to explain why he feels so fed up.

“I done seen some shit in these past couple months that I’ve never seen in my life,” he continued. “What do y’all niggas stand for? Do y’all niggas have any type of morals or codes about the way y’all live?

“It’s like y’all niggas don’t give a fuck about nothin’ but Balenciaga shoes. That’s all y’all niggas care about. Balenciaga shoes, nice cars and a muthafuckin’ condo … y’all niggas don’t stand for shit.”

The Atlanta-bred artist goes on for nearly 10 minutes, and implores fellow ATLiens to stop being fake and get baptized.

It’s in stark contrast to his call for unity earlier this month.

“I wish everybody come together and kill at this beef,” he wrote on June 4. “They want us to kill each other especially now since we young and rich.”

After ATL rapper Hoodrich Pablo Juan said he got jumped a couple of weeks ago, 21 and Young Nudy talked on Instagram Live about how things have been getting crazy lately. Nudy says, “Nobody walking around by their god damn selves,” but 21 says he recently went to the club alone. “That’s on game,” he says.

#21Savage and #YoungNudy talk about #HoodrichPabloJuan getting robbed

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During his latest rant, 21 does say he has some new music on the way.

“Clout,” his collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, was released last month and he appears on the Future-curated Superfly soundtrack.