Philadelphia, PA – Meek Mill may be out on bail but as he explained to NBC’s Lester Holt, his journey to freedom is far from over.

On Sunday night’s (May 6) Dreams & Nightmares: The Meek Mill Story episode of Dateline, the Philadelphia native sat down for one of his first post-prison interviews and discussed his recent incarceration, the struggle to get out on bail and his new position as the face of criminal justice reform.

Meek, who’s been under court supervision for nearly 10 years, said he still doesn’t feel free. In the episode, he says, “I always feel like my freedom could be taken.”

Didier Morais, Meek’s publicist and Director at Berk Communications, has been along for the ride since day one and was instrumental in getting Meek on the show.

“We’ve been working with Dateline’s team since January so it was amazing to finally see the story come to fruition,” Morais tells HipHopDX. “I know Meek is eager to use his platform to reform the criminal justice system and we’re thrilled that the Dateline segment resonated with so many people from so many different backgrounds.”

Since Meek was arrested last November, his case has made countless national headlines during the five months he was locked up at Chester State Prison for probation violations. Judge Genece Brinkley originally sentenced him to two to four years in prison, a sentence many deemed harsh.

During the Dateline exclusive, Meek explained, “We’ve always been divided in America … a lot of black people are in prison. A lot of Spanish men are in prison. A lot of these laws and policies are made to keep most of these minorities trapped forever. I had eight years of probation that turned into 16 years of probation. 

“Something is not working. I’m still doing time for that case.”

Meek is expected back in court next month.