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Method Man has been sitting comfortably in his role as Drop The Mic co-host since its October 2017 premiere. In an exclusive Take 5 video series clip, Drop The Mic goes behind the scenes with the veteran actor/rapper to find out what he does to relax (iPad), who his idol is (his pops) and how Parliament-Funkadelic led to his love for Hip Hop.

When the show’s creator, late-night talk show host James Corden, brought Meth onboard, the seasoned Wu-Tang Clan MC brought some authenticity to the TBS battle rap show. In the process, he recruited several battle rappers to help craft the celebrity contestants’ bars, including Okwerdz.

“I can’t front,” Meth told HipHopDX in a recent interview. “I actually asked for the battle rappers by name.” [apple_news_ad type=”any”]

To anyone thinking doing a commercialized battle rap show is selling out, Meth explained why it’s a win for the culture.

“TBS is very smart at what they do,” Meth said. “When they brought me in, I knew what I was standing in front of and what I was validating. In the same sense though, I get a pass because of the fact that I put so much work into Hip Hop. I made it easier for a lot of these rappers to run in the game now, so they can’t knock any movement that I make at this point in time.”

“And it’s not actually commercializing Hip Hop, it’s commercializing battle rap for lack of a better term. Now, we’re not trying to take anything from battle rap. It’s like a pleasant retreat. Battle rap is raw in its own form and hopefully some of the viewers that watch our shit will start tuning into the real-world authentic shit.”

Speaking to Meth, Redman adds, “As I look at it from my aspect, young bro, I appreciate that a higher plateau of that level respects the culture and to give it a show and to give it a platform.”

He continues, “So, respect. It’s giving people jobs and my homie here working on the show giving people jobs at the end of the day. The producers and everyone on the show is giving people jobs —  bottom line.”