Following Joey Bada$$’s claim that he ghost-wrote a version of Post Malone’s chart-topping hit “Rockstar,” T-Pain has taken to social media (again) to offer some thoughts on the situation. On Friday (December 29), the veteran singer-songwriter took to Twitter and was adamant he was a fan of the Stoney rapper.

He also admitted Republic Records made the better choice by putting 21 Savage on the track instead of himself (he was originally featured on the song), explaining “relevancy” was likely the deciding factor.

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“I see ppl tryin to make it look like I’m hatin on @PostMalone i fuckin love Posty and his music. I’m sure he didn’t even hear my version of rockstar. The label made a money move and won. I congratulate the shit out of Posty and @21savage for the #1 record. Feels good bro.”

He continued, “I guarantee that rockstar would not have gone number one with me on it. Shit was a smart move to put @21savage on it. They know that relevancy drives a hit regardless if you like the artist or not. Hate them as much as you want but where’s YOUR number 1 record?”

The final version of “Rockstar” was released on September 15 and spent eight weeks at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. It also made DX’s Top 50 Songs Of 2017 list.

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