Tyga’s Last Kings boutique store in L.A. took a hit earlier this month when burglars broke in and took a hefty sum of gear. Now, authorities have confirmed that over $50,000 worth of merchandise was stolen from the Rack City rapper’s shop, according to TMZ.

The criminal(s) who took part in the daring heist managed to get away with $53,150 worth of property. Clothing alone accounted for $50,000 with the rest of the figure coming from an empty safe valued at $250, a flat-screen TV worth $800, an iPad valued at $500 and a part of the security system worth $1,600.

Law enforcement officials revealed that on either a Friday night or Saturday morning, someone managed to pry the back door open and force their way inside. An employee discovered the burglary and called the cops. So far, law enforcement officials have no suspects and haven’t ruled out the possibility of it being an inside job.

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This incident comes at the close of a year plagued by financial woes for the 28-year-old rapper. In September, Tyga settled a lawsuit with his former management company by agreeing to pay $1.5 million instead of the $4 million they were demanding.

In March, Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna blasted him on Snapchat for missing child support payments for their son, King Cairo Stevenson.