Houston, TX – Chamillionaire, the Texas rapper who rose to prominence for his 2005 hit single “Ridin’,” recently spoke to a group of college-bound seniors at Houston’s Worthing High School about career opportunities in the burgeoning tech world. He was also joined by reps for Spotify and LiveNation.

Although the longtime tech investor said he’s still an artist, he admitted the tech business is now his “main business.”

“I was a musician, I still am, but I realize the value in appreciating the tech side of things and that has become my main business,” Chamillionaire told Houston news outlet KPRC 2.

With the immense popularity of app-friendly social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, Chamillionaire encouraged students to learn the skills necessary to build something similar.

“If you can learn how to code today, you can build this same thing that you’re looking at every day, that you’re tweeting on or that you’re snapping on,” he said. “And I feel like that conversation needs to be had.”