Los Angeles, CA – In the aftermath of Migos’ alleged assault on XXXTENTACION in Los Angeles Monday (November 13), the “Look At Me!” rapper is still clearly fired up. Once again, X took to social media to air out his alleged attackers, but clarified it wasn’t actually Quavo, Offset and “Liftoff” — as he calls Takeoff — who jumped him. He claims it was their entourage and is now threatening to sue the famous Atlanta trio.

“Just so y’all know, them pussy niggas ain’t touch me,” X said. “Pussy-ass Quavo, pussy-ass Offset and pussy-ass Liftoff ain’t do shit. They sent they other niggas and they little entourage … If y’all niggas think I’m not going to take y’all’s money, y’all stupid as fuck. Y’all fuck niggas getting sued. I ain’t going to go to the police, but I’m finna sue the fuck out y’all boys. I’m finna get all that QC [Quality Control] label money.”

#xxxtentacion plans to sue #migos after getting jumped in LA ? Click link in bio for story

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On Tuesday (November 14), X addressed the incident on social media again, claiming that because of his unwillingness to cooperate with police, Migos was able to walk away.

“They also didn’t get arrested because of me, just so ya know, your life was in my hands,” he wrote.

#xxxtentacion says he didn't cooperate with police after he was assaulted yesterday.

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It’s not 100 percent clear what set off the attack, but back in May, Offset said X was bringing devil-worship into Hip Hop. Subsequently, X made a video lashing out at Offset, calling him a “pansy.”

“Tell that pussy nigga Offset to get off a nigga dick, man,” he said. “Nigga’s like 35 tryin’ to catch the wave. Nigga your career is over, shut that pussy shit down, you on the dick. Quavo the best rapper in Migos, the rest of you niggas irrelevant. Fuck Offset. Pansy-ass, ballerina ass nigga.”

Before that, the two went back and forth over Drake’s alleged flow-biting, where Offset brushed off X’s accusations that “KMT” lifted patterns from “Look At Me!”

“Y’all niggas is silly,” Offset said in a social media clip. “How you ain’t heard of, and niggas talkin’ like you stole they swag. We ain’t even heard of you. Get your ass outta jail and run that shit up. Whatever your name is.”